Hospital policies


As we cannot accept responsibility for valuables left in your room, we strongly encourage you to give extra money, medications, credit cards, wallets, jewelry, cellular phones, etc. to a family member or a close friend to take home. Or, ask your nurse to put your valuables in the hospital safe. An itemized receipt and claim ticket will be provided for you.

Cellphones, videotaping, audio recording and photography

For patient safety, cell phone usage is restricted in some hospital areas. It is strictly forbidden to discuss patient identifiable information, use your cell phone camera, talk loudly on your cell phones or use hands free/walkie-talkie features in public areas. Pictures or recordings are not allowed in the hospital, aside from in your room. Pictures or recordings are not allowed during any medical care or treatments at anytime. Pictures or video of hospital associates or physician are not allowed at anytime without their consent.

Eyeglasses, dentures and hearing aids

Eyeglasses, dentures and hearing aids are an important part of your life if you require them in your daily living activities. These items require special care. Tell your nurse that you use these, and you will be provided with a special container for their safety. Take care not to leave any of these items on your meal tray or lying on your bed, as they may be inadvertently disposed of or lost. We regret that we are unable to assume responsibility for these items should you inadvertently misplace them.


When being admitted to the hospital, please bring all of your prescription bottles with you. For your safety and protection, only medicines approved by your physician and supplied by our pharmacy will be given to you during your stay. You nurse will ask you questions concerning your past responses to medications and any allergies you may have. You may be asked to wear an allergy bracelet, which alerts all caregivers to your allergies.

It is the policy of Advocate Sherman Hospital that we do not promote the use of non-FDA approved herbal remedies while you are a patient in the hospital.


Advocate Sherman Hospital is a smoke-free facility. As a healthcare institution, Advocate Sherman Hospital recognizes and enforces a "No Smoking Policy" throughout the institution. Patients, visitors, physicians, personnel and volunteers are not permitted to smoke under any circumstances, inside the hospital premises or within 15 feet of entrances, windows, and airtake units. For your health and the health of others, smoking is only permitted outside of the hospital at a distance.