2018 total community benefits contribution

In 2018, Advocate Health Care contributed $714.8 million in charitable care and services. To respond to our communities’ unique needs, we sponsored numerous programs and services including, as examples, behavioral health services, school-based health care, health and wellness screenings and much, much more.

2018 contributions

Charity care and other uncompensated costs*: $539,002,000
Care that is provided free, subsidized or without full reimbursements from Medicare, Medicaid or other government-sponsored programs

Subsidized Health Services: $33,540,000  
Services that respond to unique community needs, including trauma services, behavioral health services, health screenings, immunization programs, school-based health care and other community outreach programs

Education: $118,663,000
Education to train physicians, nurses, radiology technicians, physical therapists and a host of other highly skilled health care professionals

Volunteer Services: $5,555,000  
Services provided by hospital workers who volunteer in their communities and by community members who volunteer at Advocate’s hospitals

Language Assistance Services: $8,227,000
Includes providing interpreter services and translation for signage, forms, brochures, patient education materials and information in languages other than English

Donations: $9,851,000
Contributions of equipment, supplies, and meeting and clinic space, as well as other assistance to community groups

Total Community Benefits Contributions**: $714,838,000

Children enjoying the contributions to their community from Advocate.

* Includes unreimbursed costs of Medicare, Medicaid and other government-sponsored programs and uncollectible accounts ** Includes unreimbursed costs of community benefits programs and services conducted by Advocate’s 11 hospitals, Advocate Children’s Hospital, home health care operations and other not-for-profit health care operations